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LeistungenKDT lab offers the most comprehensive approach to analyze myocardial tissue (EMBs) on morphological abnormalities, viral infections and inflammatory processes as causive reasons for heart failure problems. The current routine protocol will be expanded continously by new methods or biomarkers. IKDT is providing submitting institution by diagnostic parameters of examined patient and also provide you the possiblity to perform clinical trials or be included in running research project.

The Institute is working closely with several institutions of the Charite Berlin, various industrial partners and cardiology facilities at home and abroad. As part of the German-Russian cooperation in the field of infectious diseases of the cardio-vascular system (GRIDS) the IKDT intensively collaborates with cardiologists from Russia.

Priorities in the diagnostics and research in IKDT are:

  • Histologically-morphological study of myocardial tissue
  • Immunohistochemical analysis of inflammation and viral infection of the heart muscle
  • Molecular diagnosis of viral genomes by nested PCR and QPCR
  • Low-density arrays for the quantitative detection of human gene expression
  • Sequencing of viral genomes and human genes
  • Detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP)
  • Cytokine profiles of DCM patients
  • Detection of autoantibodies in DCM

Our team looks forward to your submissions!